Deep Carved Glass

Deep Carved Glass is an extension to the basic method of sandblasting or etching. Rather than a brief once or twice over with the blast nozzle for a surface etch, deep carving involves a combination of different air pressures and amount of abrasive in the mixture.

While etching produces an opaque finish to the surface of the glass, deep carving will “carve” in to the surface giving multiple depths to the segments of the design. This produces a sculpted, three dimensional look to a subject and really makes it stand out.

Deep carving is a lot more time consuming than flat etching and can be used in conjunction with annealed glass and laminated safety glass. It is not recommended for toughened glass.

I use this process extensively in trophy work and freestanding art pieces. (CLICK HERE) to see our Photo Album of Deep Carved Glass.

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Custom design work is our speciality.


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