Wall Art Glass

Wall Art glass is a range of New Zealand themed images ready to hang on your wall.

We combine the use of coloured art glass, the same as we use in Traditional Leadlighting, and our Deep Carving process of sandblasting. The result is a stunning three dimensional carved image of New Zealand Landscapes, Iconic Landmarks, Flora and Fauna, and Maori related weapons, tools and artwork.

Each art piece has its’ own inherent grain and the carving process exposes the various layers and secrets of the glass in its’ own exquisite way.

We have a range of pieces ready made, or you can choose what style design you would like on any coloured glass to suit your decor. We welcome custom orders should you have a particular image you would like to immortalize in glass.

We can package and freight anywhere in New Zealand or the world.

(CLICK HERE) to see our Photo Album of Wall Art Glass.

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