Glazing Applications

In New Zealand, we have a range of different styles of joinery and ways that glass can be installed. Each window or door supplier is able to offer you choice so that you have control over the end result.

The two main forms of joinery are timber and aluminium. PVC joinery is also making a showing which is very popular in the U.K.

Up until recent years, single glazing has been the predominant method of glass installation. Single glazing is simply that. One sheet of glass installed in to a timber or aluminium frame. Physically, it keeps the weather out but thermally and sound control wise, not a lot more.

Current building codes call for more insulation and thermal efficiencies in the home and the use of double glazed units (D.G.U.’s) or insulated glass units (I.G.U.’s) has become the norm. Double glazing is the process of using two sheets of glass separated by a spacer bar to create a “buffer” between the internal and external air temperatures. The transmission of sound is also reduced. The greater the air space in between, the greater the efficiencies. The use of different glass thicknesses/types and tints also provide improvements in this area along with gas fill options like Argon.

Triple glazing, although available in New Zealand, is little used here as we do not suffer the extreme weather conditions experienced in far northern countries.


Stained Glass Overlay can be used in single, double or triple glazing / timber, aluminium or P.V.C. installations. Traditional Leadlight has some restrictions on a case by case basis. Please give me a call if you would like to discuss your individual circumstances. Both products can be used in new installations, retrofit or replacement glazing. For single glazing, this is very straightforward. All glass is designed to be removed and replaced if needed so we simply measure for a replacement piece of glass and fabricate a decorative glass panel to suit your needs. This then replaces your existing glass. Replacing an existing double glazed unit with a decorative double glazed unit is undertaken in the same way.

The replacement of single glazing with double glazing is becoming increasingly popular – called retrofitting. This involves the removal of the existing piece of glass, and the modification of the frame to take a double glazed unit. There are a number of joinery companies specialising in this and you will be able to obtain technical information and quotes from these sources directly.

We are often asked to remove existing leadlight windows from their frames and repair/clean and install them in to double glazed units ready to go back in to new or modified joinery. We are also able to fabricate new panels to match existing panels when extensions are undertaken.

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