Choosing a Design

This is always an interesting part of the process of commissioning a decorative glass panel. I enjoy the initial reaction of a client when they enter my studio and look around and see the wide range of styles available and what they are immediately drawn to.

My clients usually arrive with a specific location for their glass panels -for example the entrance way or internal doors, and an approximate glass size. From there it is a matter of my asking a series of questions to discern what style house they have (building plans are always a huge help), what they are wanting to achieve – colour/no colour, privacy/visibility, bold/subtle etc., what their personal tastes are, and of course budget.

Following these questions and responses, I am better able to offer you a design style and product that will best suit your needs. You will find a selection of these under “Designs” and “Photo Gallery”. We can then have a meander through my photo albums showing a wider range of decorative art pieces. This will further narrow down what you like. More often than not, my clients do not find a design that perfectly matches their needs. The choices are so varied that usually I will get a feel for their specific needs and will custom draw a design unique to their dimensions, choice of style and colour. This consultation and design process is free. I do not charge for design consultations and art work unless the design requires a considerable amount of time and the commission of the piece is unknown. Should the commission of the work proceed with us, any design fee levied will be waived.

At our initial consultation, I am usually able to prepare a rough sketch-up of the design along with an indication of cost. If this is accepted, I can then proceed towards preparing scale coloured art work and costings for approval. We utilise a specialist Stained Glass CAD drawing program. We are able to adjust design work in any number of ways and it is a matter of refining the design to perfectly match your design and budget needs. We can post design work to you if preferred, or with the use of the internet, we can literally have the design in your hands in seconds. Often is the case where I will make adjustments required during a telephone discussion and immediately present design work for comment.

Once we have acceptance of a final design, I then proceed towards getting accurate cut glass sizes, fabrication of the panel(s) and installation. I offer a full “design to install” service or can have panels delivered to your joinery company for installation.

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